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Knitwear & Crochet

ForMe is a knitwear brand established by Donatella Massoli. ForMe firmly believes in the beauty and originality of the handmade garments. Our products are thoughtfully designed and made in our studios, combining both handmade and domestic knitting machine techniques. Many garments are also crocheted. Every single creation is produced as a unique piece (or very few items). Our approach to fashion is sustainability, for this reason we don’t produce in bulk but primarily in capsule collection and on order to avoid unwanted overstock. The yarns used are most of the time regenerated fibers or high-quality production leftovers, this both for the purpose of sustainability as well as to limit supply waste. ForMe loves to play with colors, materials and styles. We care of all aspects of the production, our goal is to ensure the highest levels of manufacturing and guarantee long-lasting products. A lot of manual work goes into every product we made, our costumers know how special it is to wear a 100% handmade and ethical garment. We love to work with our clients and satisfy their requests.