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The Naughty District

Illustration / Graphic Design

My name is Lisa and I am an illustrator and designer from Saarbr├╝cken. In addition to my freelance work, I sell my prints in several concept stores, at art markets and in my online shop. My works are created using special printing processes such as risography and screen printing. It is particularly important to me to achieve a unique look with both the printing process and the design, which can become an eye-catcher in the home with bright colours and bizarre, dreamy motifs. The prints are printed in the Berlin risography print shop "Drucken 3000". The speciality here is its environmental friendliness. Drucken 3000 uses vegetable oil inks and solar energy from its own roof. The "metapaper" on which printing takes place is also produced using wind power. In addition to the colour intensity, which is not possible in classic digital printing, the fixed colour catalogue of riso colours is another attraction for me. It allows me to reduce the colouring to a few colours and thus make clear decisions. Nevertheless, colour overlapping and the regulation of opacity create an infinite number of possible combinations with which I lend my own nuances to the works. The aim of my work is to utilise the unlimited possibilities of the medium of illustration and to create a surreal, unique atmosphere. I don't want the narrative framework to be too rigid, so that the viewer can immerse themselves in the atmosphere and create their own connection with the work. The illustrations should retain something mysterious and unfathomable that the viewer can fill in for themselves. There is no fixed story for each picture, as I do not proceed schematically, but allow my imagination free rein. I combine individual picture elements that emerge in this process to create an overall picture.

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